Conveyancers Albury | Wodonga & Surrounds

We offer quality professional conveyancing services, supervised at all stages by experienced lawyers.

Why engage a Solicitor for Conveyancing? Licensed conveyancers are prevented by law from providing legal advice, so any small complexity during the course of a conveyancing matter requiring legal analysis and advice may require you to seek additional advice from a  a solicitor. This could cost you much more than engaging a solicitor from the start of your matter.

We offer competitively priced conveyancing services and are happy to provide a quotation. Our services include:

Buying Property – Residential, commercial and farming properties

  • reading and advising you on the meaning of the contract conditions
  • dealing with your lender and advising you on their documents
  • advising if you are buying off the plan – broad acre land or multi storey apartments, buying units with Owners Corporations and common property
  • advising on the meaning and implications of covenants, easements, caveats, section 173 agreements and other encumbrances affecting the title
  • Advising on title matters – unregistered interests, explaining manner of holding (joint tenants/tenants in common)
  • arranging settlement
  • advice during all stages of the matter

Selling Property – all types

  • drafting and assembling contracts and Section 32 Statements (Vendor Statement)
  • liaising with your selling agent
  • dealing with your outgoing lender
  • advice during all stages of the matter
  • arranging settlement
  • advice during all stages of the matter