Deceased Estates – Probate and Administration

Our practice offers experienced advice and services in the deceased estates area.

This is a complimentary practice area to our Wills practice and our experience in this area helps us to foresee problems which arise and can be addressed by a well-drafted will.

Our services include:

  • providing sensitive telephone advice to family members and appointed executors following the death of a loved one
  • considering and advising appointed executors and beneficiaries on the terms of the will
  • advising on the law should the deceased person not have left a valid or any will
  • meeting with family at an appointed venue to formally read the will if requested – this is an English practice which is not often followed in Australia
  • meeting with the appointed executor and invited family members to obtain details of the estate assets and liabilities and advise on what action is required to administer the estate
  • writing to asset holders seeking written confirmation of the value of assets at the time of death
  • dealing with claims by disappointed family members and advice on ways to avoid the dissipation of the estate by avoiding protracted litigation
  • where appropriate and if instructed, prepare an application for probate or letters of administration
  • gathering up the assets
  • paying debts from estate assets
  • transferring or assisting with the sale of estate real properties
  • distributing gifts to beneficiaries
  • advice to disappointed family members or others who consider provision should have been made for them by the deceased