Powers of Attorney

Our practice offers experienced advice and preparation of the various forms of Powers of Attorney – Financial, Personal (Guardianship) and for Medical Purposes.

Having a valid Power of Attorney is becoming increasingly necessary for people of middle age and above or those who may be travelling overseas and wish to have somebody at home to manage their affairs while they are away. Medical professionals and institutions invariably now ask elderly patients to appoint an attorney in case they suffer a loss of capacity, either temporary or permanent.

This is a developing area of the law and is state-based – each state has its own legislation dealing with these matters. Recent changes to Victorian laws and the developing laws in New South Wales need to be considered.

If you have a current Power of Attorney you may not have made an appointment which comprehensively deals with the types of authority needed should you suffer a loss of capacity.

Our services include:

  • seeing you in person to discuss your needs and intentions – in our office or at your home or some other convenient venue – we will visit hospitals or nursing homes if you cannot visit us
  • advising on the various forms of delegated authority available in your state of residence to cover the field – financial matters, personal matters and medical decision making
  • preparing your Powers of Attorney in a professional, well-presented manner to ensure your intentions are correctly expressed
  • explaining the Power of Attorney as drafted and any special provisions
  • witnessing your Power of Attorney in accordance with the required legal formalities including providing a neutral third party witness
  • meeting with your appointed local attorney on their acceptance of their appointment and explaining their responsibilities
  • mailing the document for acceptance to any appointee who may not reside locally
  • preparing your Power of Attorney for safe custody storage, entering details in our safe custody register
  • providing you and your appointees with certified copies of the Powers of Attorney
  • safely storing your Power of Attorney without charge, indefinitely, in a secure fireproof safe custody area.
  • Providing additional certified copies on request, at any later time, as required, at a modest fee